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Logo Designs

A Logo is described as a symbol, sign, or emblem. It symbolically represents the face of your organization. In other words, it acts as an identifier for the people to recognize your organization and functions as a statement of your website and your online presence.


Because there are numerous companies in the online world offering the same or similar products or services or engaged in the same kind of business. And so having a Logo helps for they help distinguish your company from others of the same ilk and remind people of who you exactly are and what your business exactly has to offer that is different from others of the same kind. In short, it helps identify your organization to the people better and distinguish your organization from others of the same category. The New Hope Solutions is well placed to design a professional and eye-catching Logo that will encompass all that your company stands for.


Pixels are dots used to display an image on a screen or printed matter. A digital image in the shape of design comprises of pixels and dimensioned in pixels. They play the most important role in how large a design can be seen.

Our Logo showcases that importance. The alphabet ‘X’ in the word ‘Pixels’ has 5 different color squares; each square signifies one pixel. Without Pixels, we cannot create images in computer for the image quality depends upon pixels. Shrouded in pixels, the alphabet ‘X’ signifies your imagination in pixels and the design in terms of the design itself.

The three dots on two upwards slides in the letter ‘X’ represent the elements of the design and their relationship to each other. Further, the light blue colored arrow and dark blue color dot to the right of the letter ‘P’ in the word ‘PIXELS’ represents your design in a narrow screen or a wide screen or a huge screen or even a very small screen.